For those of you that don't know me, I am a degreed physicist that works as a janitor.  It is of my choosing.  But the things a janitor gets to do is not always of my choosing.  Take today's email for example:

"A child threw up in TC102. I used the remainder of our Super Sorb which is supposed to absorb and get the smell out (it works pretty well). I also vacuumed with the big vacuum.  I would have liked to have done 2 applications, but ran out.  Do we still have the extractor?  Can someone do that tonight for us.  We put masking tape around the area.  Thanks".

Considering this is coming from one of my friends, everything I get to do is not always the thing that keeps me smiling.  The thing that keeps me smiling is that I am a degreed physicist working as a janitor.  Now that is funny!  But, likely only to a physicist.  :)

I hope JR finds this equally funny or I may be getting another "Cleanup on Aisle 3" email again.  I'm laughing!



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